Full Glam | Smokey Glitter Eyes & Bold Winged Liner Makeup Tutorial

This is no ordinary smokey eye.

This look is partially inspired by the classic dark smokey eye that we all know and love, and it also has an alienesque, galactic, interstellar vibe to it. The base is a classic black, that then fades into chocolate and natural browns from darkest to lightest. I create smokey eyes so often, that it sometimes becomes a bit mundane. So to switch things up a bit, I added a sparkly,  glitter top coat that reflects light really beautifully. In the pan, the eye shadow looks like a charcoal black color with specs of silvery reflective glitter mixed in. 

This is where the cosmic inspiration comes in. This shadow became the star of the show, literally. I was reminded of the moon and the stars, and everything else up there in outer space, beyond our eyes’ horizon. And that sealed the deal. The shadow became even prettier once it was applied, as I noticed hints of blue and green in the glitter that added another aspect to my astronomical smokey effect. To highlight that, I added a bold blue winged liner that took this look from a seven to a ten.

See how I did it below.