Straight Hair Regimen for Long, Healthy Hair


Women all over the world are deciding to put in the time and effort to take care of their hair, so that they can grow healthy, natural tresses. It has become the trend to deep condition, wear protective hairstyles, and take the necessary measures to maintain long hair. Natural girls have always had the issue of damaging their curls, especially when it came down to straightening the hair. Well now the times have changed, and there are a few tips and tricks for us with kinks and coils to ensure that our hair will look sleek and straight, and will still bounce back when its time to go curly again. 

Here’s a step-by-step video for reference:

First and foremost, the most important rule of thumb (especially for curly girls) is to stray away from heat. There is no person in the world who can straighten their hair everyday, or every week, and still have healthy, long hair. Heat destroys the hair strands and can cause some serious irreversible damage. However, from time to time, we all like to see our hair long and luxurious so properly straightening the hair every once in a while won’t hurt. In order to maintain the health of my hair, I like to straighten it ever 3-4 months (so about 3-4 times a year) just so I can clip my ends and see my growth. Here’s how I do it:

I’ve been really into doing weekly hot oil treatments on my hair, so lately I start with that. I’ve noticed that the health of my hair has gotten much better, and the treatment acts as a “pre-poo” that helps to stop the shampoo from stripping my hair. More details on my hot oil treatment and why its important could be found here.

Lather, rinse, no repeat

After the hot oil treatment, I wash my hair with a sulfate free shampoo. As you will see in the video, I only apply the shampoo to the roots and allow the water to rinse the soap down the rest of my hair. This is a major key to avoiding tangling and frizz. Also, I only apply shampoo one time and then I move on to conditioner. I don’t want to completely waste the hard work that I put into my hot oil treatment, and we really don’t even need shampoo that much.

Next condition. As usual.

Condition Part 2

After a quick pass of regular conditioner, I go in with the deep conditioner to really get my hair ready for the heat that I’m about to put on it. For my straight hair, I usually go with a deep conditioner that says it maintains frizz, makes the hair last longer, heals split ends, or something to that effect. I don’t use the same DC that I would use for curly hair, but I can talk about deep conditioning forever so that’s another story for another day.  As you see in the video, I sit under a hooded dryer when deep conditioning to intensify the process. Deep conditioning is essential to growing long hair.

Bring on the Heat

When I’m done with that, I apply some leave in conditioner and get ready to blow dry. I would then grab the single most important product of this process, which is HEAT PROTECTANT. There are so many different kinds out there, it doesn’t really matter which one you use as long as you are sure to grab it. I like to spray it on before I blow dry and again before I straighten just to be sure that I have some added protection. 

Usually my arms are tired from holding the blow dryer up for 45 minutes, but I’m not gonna complain. Straightening is usually a breeze because I did most of the work with the blow out. The process is just very long and time consuming. But with the finished product, it’s all worth it. My straight hair lasts up to two weeks and then its time to wash again. For even more info on my process and products, go ahead and check out the video which explains everything in more detail. 

Good luck on your healthy hair journey!