How To Achieve Thick, Voluminous Hair In A Few Easy Steps

Here’s to Easy, Effortless Hair


Braid outs always have been, and always will be my go-to style. I love how painless and simple they are, and how I don’t have to maintain my hair everyday. A major key to growing long, healthy hair is low maintenance and low manipulation styles. These ensure that tension isn’t applied to your hair everyday.  When doing the style, I like to wear the braids for a couple days as a protective style, and then I’ll take them out and wear my hair curly for a while. By the time my hair dries out its time for me to condition it again.

Check out my step by step process below.

Braid outs are good for naturally curly girl, but they’re great for relaxed and transitioning girls as well. Those who are relaxed and don’t have much of a curl pattern, now have the ability to create some natural looking waves! No one would even guess that it was a braid out. And lets face it, its never easy to transition. So braid outs are good to hide the different textures of the hair and blend them into one. 

Most people do single plaits all over their head and then take them out the next day, but when I do that my hair comes out looking like crinkle cut french fries, and I prefer a less defined wave. So, two cornrows do the trick for me. The fact that I leave the braids in for a day or two helps to make sure that the style lasts and I have the perfect amount of definition. I’ve done braid-outs faithfully for years, and not only have they made my life easier,  but they’ve help me to retain length on my hair. 

Not just the process, but which products you put in your hair are important as well.

So, here’s what you’ll need:
  • Wide tooth comb (a curly girl’s best friend)
  • Spray bottle -just in case the hair gets dry
  • Hair clips
  • Perm rods (optional)
  • A water based moisturizer- I used ORS Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion (It’s great to use in the cold winter months.
  • An oil – Used to seal in the moisture. In my mix I included Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Vegetable Glycerin, and Beautiful Textures Shine & Silken Growth Oil
  • A styler- something is needed to set the style in place. I used EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel.

You  can do more braids if you want to have a curlier texture, or stick with two to get the wavy look. Either way, you’ll definitely have a new style that I’m sure yo’ll love.