How to: Easy Curly hairstyles Without Heat | Pin Curls


You can never go wrong with a big curly fro.


If you’re natural, this is a perfect low manipulation style to switch up your curls. If you’re going through the transitioning phase, then these spiral curls will perfectly blend your two textures, making you much more comfortable wearing your hair out. Even relaxed girls will love this twist on  their hairstyle. No matter where you are in your hair journey, these easy pin curls are a must try on your to-do list.

What’s even better, you don’t even need to use heat. That’s right, these pin curls are heatless, which means it won’t damage your hair, and can be done as often as necessary. Take a break from the flexi rods and perm rods; all you need to achieve this look are bobby pins. Just pin curl the hair up, go to bed, and the next morning you’ll have effortless fluffy curls that’ll look like you spent hours doing, when you really didn’t. Watch and see how it’s done.

Curly hairstyles just got easier

This tutorial is simple. The key to smooth, voluminous curls is to start with clean, stretched, and air dried hair. To stretch my hair, I applied leave in conditioner and combed it out when it was halfway dry.  Once it dried fully, I applied moisturizer and oil to seal it in, and detangled with a wide tooth comb to ensure that it was fully stretched out. 

I then parted my hair in four,  and worked through each section. For the curls, I grabbed a small piece of hair about the size of a nickel) and rolled it up around my finger. The bigger your pieces are, the looser your curls will be. I grabbed larger pieces in the back and middle of my head, and smaller in the front. This was to ensure that I made “curly bangs” for my fro, and the hair wouldn’t hang over my eyes. 

I smoothed a small amount of Ecostyler gel and brushed it through each piece of hair before I rolled it up.  You can use any gel or styling cream of your choice, just be sure not to use too much so your hair doesn’t shrink back up. 

The reason why I love curly hairstyles like this one is because of  how comfortable it is. You don’t have to worry about chunky rods or rollers, and since the pin curls lay flat on your head, they’re much easier to sleep in.  The next day when you’re ready to take them out, just add a little oil to your fingers to avoid frizz and separate the curls to your liking. Here’s a little rule of thumb: More separation = more volume = more frizz. So just play around with your curls until you like it!

Here’s what I used:

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk
Grapeseed Oil
Olive Oil EcoSyler Gel

Bobby Pins
Wide Tooth Comb
Bristle Brush

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