The BossBritt Beauty

Most of us are limited by the boundaries that society confines us to. It is about straight lines and tough rules, and we are defined by the structure in which we live our lives. Art, however, has no rules. It is limitless, and the structure of beauty is broken down when creativity is allowed to inspire it. Makeup is a form of art that has the power to impact everyday life, as each canvas is molded differently. It tells a boundless story of beauty and originality by both the artist and the canvas, and it has been known to restrict an artist to only one rule: create.

“A Self- Made Beauty Boss”

Creativity has always been a part of my life. At a young age, I was drawn to the arts, as it has been a place of irreplaceable solitude and comfortability.  I have always had a love for dance as creative expression, but never had the opportunity to pursue it actively. As a young girl I began modeling, and was signed to Barbizon modeling agency where I was able to attend the International Modeling and Talent Competition. This is where I fell in love with beauty. I began testing my talents with makeup as a teen, and realized that health and beauty was one of the few things that I was passionate about.

In college, it was difficult for me to pick a path that would lead me to a profitable, motivating career, since I have been known to think out the box and color outside the lines. So with  a degree in communications, I will live up to the name that I have proclaimed for my brand, and am establishing myself as a self-made beauty boss. After years perfecting my craft, and now with a degree under my belt, I have the ability to share a part of myself with the world, no matter what aspect of beauty it may be. Although I am a young and growing beauty ambassador, I devote my life and skills to the art of beauty, and I am dedicated to inspiring others to do what makes them feel beautiful. Every video on this site is intended to be either informational, motivational, inspirational, or all of the above, but you will not leave without feeling the limits of beauty being lifted.

“Be bold. Be beautiful. The world is your runway.”

-Brittney J. Brown